Professional Remote Alarm and CCTV Monitoring from our appointed NSI Gold approved alarm Receiving Centre


From our appointed NSI Gold Category II BS5979 and BS8418 Alarm Receiving and Remote Video Response Centre, vigilant, highly-trained SIA Licenced Operators monitor your premises across the UK via CSL Dual Comm monitoring  365 days a year - 24/7.


We offer flexible monitoring solutions for a range of industry sectors across the UK including


Commercial - Industrial - Pharmaceutical - Public Sector - Retail & Loss Prevention - Gaming & Leisure

Warehousing & Logistics - Agricultural - Residential Care - Medical & Healthcare - Private Residential


CCTV Monitoring

Our appointed VARC (Visual Alarm Recieving Centre) alongside our techincal expertise can provide communication soloutions from simple camera systems to integrated IP technology with other systems.

Alarm Monitoring

From intruder alarms and fire alarms to lone worker systems, we’ll add that extra layer of security to make your alarm system even more effective, whilst providing excellent value for money and to keep within your budget. Call us now to arrange a technical survey and discuss what soloution suits you premises.

Video Analytics

We use smart video software to track unusual movement – embedded algorithms that can identify people or vehicles within the camera image. Other causes of activations such as animals can also be classified and identified or excluded as required. On activation the alarm can be transmitted to an operator with a clear highlight around the cause of the alarm who will then take the required action.

CSL Dual Comm - The most trusted brand in alarm signalling


CSL DualCom provides a platform and products that facilitate the reliable delivery

of alarm signals from the protected premises to the alarm receiving centre,

whilst reducing or eliminating any erroneous issues for ARCs and installers.